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Your Personal, Professional & Spiritual life in balance

Treat both your body and mind with greater care and attention and learn the simple techniques that will allow you to experience life from a different perspective allowing you to be healthier, happier and more balanced in mind body & soul.

You cannot resolve the issues you are currently facing with the same thinking and actions that got you there in the first place... 

Our self mastery programmes takes you through a step by step approach by addressing the key features that allow you to transform old negative habits that hold you back into new life transforming habits. Receive the support you need and overcome the challenges ahead to live the life you deserve.

"It 's never too late to be what you think you might have been." - George elliot

I would like to share one of the methods for transforming challenging, stressful situations.

Whenever i am in stressful situation and i can feel my emotions are rising to the point where i may act in a way that i will regret later, i de-tatch myself from the situation and slow down. I take a series of deep breaths in through the nose, out through the nose - this stimulates the relaxing side of your nervous system automatically reducing the stress hormones in the fight or flight response. This gives me the awareness that i do not have to react and that i can choose to take the time needed to respond intelligently.

You can start this practice in small situations like when stuck in traffic and you feel yourself getting wound up. Once you have practised a few times you will be able to stay calm in a very stressful situation by simply following the technique.

Ask yourself:

"What is my legacy in life - what am i here to do, what is my purpose, what do i really want to become?"

Do you know what ideology you use on a daily basis to navigate through life ? if not, chances are you are using someone else's!

Learn how to create core values & develop a meditative, spiritual practice.

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"Opportunites to find deeper powers within ourselves come only when life seems most challenging" - joseph campell