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Metabolic function
Testing fee: £ 75

The Metabolic Assessment Profile (BH #101) measures the levels of indican, lipid peroxides, and urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS). It involves the analysis of a single urine sample.

This profile provides:

  • Critical data to help with diagnosing and preventing chronic illness.
  • Vital information for administering therapeutic protocols and making health lifestyle modifications.
  • An index of general digestive metabolism by assessing protein digestion using the indican test.
  • A value of oxidative damage (ageing) caused by free radical activity, guiding antioxidant therapy and helping to diagnose underlying health issues.
  • A direct measurement of liver function using urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS).

Your liver is basically a filtration system - similar to the oil filter on your car. When was the last time you put your car in for a service and they changed the oil filter? in comparison when was the last time you cleaned or serviced your liver? this organ is so vital to your health that it will actually regenerate its self. It provides so many important functions but is generally abused on a daily basis, from all the toxins that we are exposed to and consume. We have a detoxification plan that can specifically clean your liver and gall bladder, just contact us for further information.