Holistic Health & Fitness

Sports Injuries & Rehab Clinic

  • Would you like to be Pain Free?

  • Be able to play sport?

  • Go to work without worrying if your back will hold out?

  • Be happier and more vital?

The causes and effects of muscular, joint and nerve pain are unique to you and your body, everyone is different and so is our approach – we employ an individual holistic therapeutic solution to resolve your pain issues.

Your first session with our expert therapists will be one hour £75, they will assess your injury history, current posture, movement analysis and lifestyle to determine the root cause of your health issues. 

Receive treatment via neuro-muscular therapy in conjunction with a home treatment plan that employs simple but effective techniques to resolve your pain and postural issues.

Follow up session are either 60 min £75 or 30 min £40 dependent upon individual circumstances

  “Learn the necessary simple techniques and lifestyle habits to
                              be pain free for a lifetime!”